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Bettina Woolard
  • Female
  • Flagstaff, AZ
  • United States
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We walk in the forest,

Seth & I,

& it's the time of year

when everything's brown:

the bark of the ponderosas,

the carpet of needle & cone,

the dead grass,

certain boulders, the earth itself;

even our dog is brown

& if she didn't move about

she couldn't be distinguished

from her surroundings.




Posted on December 11, 2010 at 2:30pm — 3 Comments

Footprints in Snow

People have walked their dogs here,

there are footprints in the snow

made by human feet, or rather

by the boots or shoes they wear,

and parallel to them,

rows of pawmarks, fore and hind,

left and right,

each dent followed by a slight drag;

some are dainty, as from a matron's yorkie,

others grand, a shepherd's,

rottweiler's, or lab's.


Off at an angle, zigzag,



Posted on December 3, 2010 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

A Confused Gardener Contemplates Planting by the Phases of the Moon

New moon, dark moon,

will my plants

blossom & bloom

if planted in mid-June?

Slim chance

(good cowboy name),

all the same,

give it a try,

they'll live or they'll die.




Posted on July 11, 2010 at 9:30pm — 2 Comments

Message to the Future

Smashed glass, plastic bottles near decomposed,

aluminum cans bearing the words Pabst Blue Ribbon,

Coca-cola, Sprite, Mountain Dew,

Styrofoam scraps, once burger-holding boxes,

shreds of black bags, clinging to branches like ravens,

graffiti in bulbous script on rock walls...

some day these will be our potshards

and our petroglyphs,

our mementoes to be found by archeologists,

our culture's messages to the future:



Posted on June 9, 2010 at 4:56pm — 5 Comments

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At 4:30pm on May 31, 2010, wiffledust said…
it's beautiful, bettina!!!! put it also on your blog so i can feature it!!!! ;-))) i'm sure it will make a soldier have a piece of home!!!
At 12:18pm on April 29, 2010, wiffledust said…
i'm just reposting this so you see it ...

this is great, bettina, but just in the wrong place. go back down to the story and place this in the story body.....what happened here is that you opened a discussion group. click on the group tabs at the top. then click meanwhile back at the plantation group story. then you'll see where we posted......holler if you have questions! i know it gets confusing! ;-) so glad you're back!
At 1:18am on December 30, 2009, Donna Stumpo said…
Good! I'm glad! Looking forward to chatting more with you soon..........
At 7:29am on December 28, 2009, Donna Stumpo said…
hi bettina! Sorry I just saw your question-- you can always post things on the "blogs" section; or you can go to any of the "groups" and join and then comment all you want......for example, if you like the group about MOVIES-- (Favorite flicks discussion group), then "join", and you are able to add comments directed at anyone you want.....
At 3:49pm on December 26, 2009, wiffledust said…
hey bettina...i saw your post to donna and think donna might be sleeping till next year! ha! she did a ton of work at christmas. if you want to share stuff you can go to blogs at the top tabs and then click "add a blog post" . then don't forget to hit share ....! let me know if you need anything
At 11:47am on November 29, 2009, wiffledust said…
good morning, bettina! it takes a little getting used to over here, i admit. i mess up alot. but nothing is unfixable. if you want to post a blog...say a poem...just go to the top and click "blog" on those horizontal tabs. click add a blog entry and then share. it's pretty simple. and you left your comment to me just fine! if you want to join in a discussion on the left, you have to join the discussion. then just post like you did here. see you soon! hope your weekend is a good one!
At 1:10pm on November 28, 2009, wiffledust said…
hey bettina! where did you disappear to? i hope you had a great thanksgiving and that we'll hear from you soon!
At 12:07am on November 10, 2009, stephen dijoseph said…
Hi Bettina.

Im Stephen DiJoseph. Im part of the Wiffle-team and I'm grateful you've
come to spend some cyber-time with us!..There ALOT here and we love hearing your thoughts, ideas , music, writings...this is the place to share...welcome!

At 11:27pm on November 9, 2009, wiffledust said…
oh that's cool, bettina! then if you feel like sharing, we'd love to see your writing!!! alot of the folks on here are really good, but that doesn't mean they have been doing it forever. and some have never shared much till now.
At 8:16pm on November 9, 2009, Donna Stumpo said…
Welcome, Bettina! Glad to meet you....

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