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Hey Folks....Here are some guidelines for using World of Wiffledust...this will be updated from time to time.

* Be Kind. This is a warm and supportive group.

*Soliciting without a sponsorship agreement with Wiffledust is not permitted.

* Please keep the content relative to our theme of Creativity. Your art photos of family are welcome here. Your every day family photos take up bandwidth and prevent others from seeing featured creative works. So please be careful in making the distinction.

*Photos can only be loaded in small batches and must be put in albums. PLEASE tell Lisa what they are. Thanks. Photos of your work may not advertise a web link.

* The same rule as above applies to video. Video of a creative home renovation is different from video of your nephew's soccer game. Again, please be careful in making the distinction.

* It's not necessary, but when you blog, try to add an image with it. Then, when it is passed around on Facebook and Twitter. you will receive more attention.

* Please run your ideas of a Discussion Group by Lisa before starting the group. Thanks!

* Mass emails are prohibited.

* When you join up, it's helpful if you tell us something about yourself and how you found us. If Lisa asks directly, and you don't answer within a day or two, your membership will be assumed to be spam.

* Please remember that just as you liked being welcomed and you like feedback on your material, so does everyone else. So please take some time to let someone know they are welcome and that you appreciated their sharings!

* If you feel you can, please donate something once in awhile via the donate button at the top. This is not a requirement, but it sure does help to keep the machinery running smoothly. Some people can, some can't. Please don't think that a small contribution is worthless. It is very helpful, particularly if made from time to time.

* Feel free to invite folks to the group that you think would enjoy it! Just please ask them to let us know where they are coming from, so we know if it's spam or real.
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