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Wiffledust Creativity Contest 2-Do You Stand a Ghost of a Chance? Oooo!

Ok, Folks! Here's your next chance to be a Wiffledust Creativity Contest Winner! And if you win, you get a $20 Borders Gift Certificate and your entry will be in the next Wiffledust Webzine, our E Newsletter and plastered on Facebook. Unless you're shy. In which case, we'll figure something out...

So what do you have to do? Well you're a creative group. This won't be too hard. By Halloween at the strike of midnight...this means the midnight that begins Halloween not ends it, submit to us your creative work that involves the word, image, or theme of "ghost". You can write a song with ghosts in the theme. You can write a poem. You can submit a of a ghost would be especially fun since we don't see that every day around here! You can dress your little one in your most creative interpretation of overall ghost-dom. YOU decided what's creative. Your favorite ghost's recipe could be welcome. We're very open minded here. Just be creative, and use the ghost theme. Applique a ghost on a pillow and send us the photo....we just want you to exercise that creative muscle!

Then when it's time to submit, put your entry in a blog at the World of Wiffledust. If you don't already have a page, it's very simple to set one up. Simply go to, and click on "sign up" or go to/ on the main wiffledust page to learn more. It's simple!

May the creative force be with you!!!
Lisa and the Wiffledust Gang

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