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Announcing WIFF wiffledust web radio!!!

A Great Big Happy Announcement!

WIFF wiffledust web radio
keeping creative minds wide open!

If you’re on this page it’s because you were selected for your artistic and creative sensibilities--and little did you know you were being selected as a new friend and as a member of a very special community. . And if you’ve been following wiffledust, then you know that I have been hard at work on a project for quite some time now. I’m so happy to say IT”S HERE! And you’re a very big part ot it!

WIFF wiffledust web radio is more than a web site and more than a radio station. It’s a home. It’s designed to be a home for all independent thinkers and independent artsits and for those who appreciate creativity. We’re building a community, folks. One creative person at a time!

When I started The Wiffledust Salon back in the 90’s, I felt that there were not enough listening spaces where creative folks could share their art. And although listening rooms sprouted up with the rise in popularity of singer/songwriter music for awhile, we are still at a time where indepdent music and cottage crafts are a niche market much in need of more exposure. That exposure can’t come in a climate of huge corporations dominating our air waves. So, it was time to make another space. And here it is!

WIFF wiffledust web radio is a 24/7 streaming radio station of ecclectic independent music designed to entertain and to expose the music that frequently gets missed but is so great. Musicians will submit their music for consideration, and the site itself will promote the listening. If you are a musician, I think you’ll agree this is needed.

But there’s so much more to see and do! The Wiffledust Gazette is a continually feeding book of your favorite news and blog sites all in one place to help keep independent minds open with superior information from all sources. You and your fans can make Wiffledust your one stop for news and information!

The WIFF talk radio station is fiction and conversations , podcasts and chatter to celebrate creativity as well as the art of conversation with interesting people. An interview with songwriter Buddy Mondlock is waiting there as well as an interview with a fascinating writer, journalist, blogger, photographer, and entrepreneur Will Pollock. Check it out. Why channel surf bad reality shows when creative people are so much more interesting to spend time with?

The Wiffledust Salon section is filled with silly improv movies, acoustic performances, and live interviews with some of the most interesting artists around. Check out acoustic performance by Matthew Kahler, skits by the gang at wiffledust, an interview about Tourette’s and the artistic life with Stephen DiJoseph, and an indepth interview with PETER MULVEY about art and creativity!

The Concerts in the Barn section will feature continual changing live music from Wiffledust shows. Up first is Nashville songwriter Buddy Mondlock singing the beautiful “New Jersey Sunset” so beautifully with Steve DiJoseph on Piano and Matthew Kahler on congas. Will you be next?

The ETSY section is a juried section of Wiffledust’s picks from where crafters can display their work without getting lost in the millions of stores on the etsy site alone. Handcrafting is beautiful and valuable, and we know that you are the type of shopper who wants unique handmade things. Check out these incredible crafts from such gifted people. And if you know a good etsy artist, please get them in touch with Wiffledust ASAP!

If you’re a person who wants more people to know about your events or wants to share your work, be sure to sign on to World of Wiffledust where you can list your events, blog, share your music and photos, and interact with other creative folks!!!

There’s so much to explore at wiffledust. Please go and check it out, and give us your name on the contact page so that we can keep you informed of everything that’s happening. This is a community designed to advance not only the arts but the spirit of indepence and creativity that is so easily lost in our society dominated by enormous corporations. It takes all of us folks. But just think what all of us can do!!! This is the beginning...the rest is up to all of us together!

With lots of love to all,

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