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News this morning is that 19 counties in this state have been declared disaster areas by the governor due to high winds and severe drought.......brings back visions of Dust Bowl.....



'When Will the Rain Come?'

a father's lament

copyright 2010 by Rick Reiley


We probably don't need another song about the Great Depression but I couldn't help myself.

In our cemetery visits we've seen so many little graves all in a row from this time period, it leaves an impression. A lasting impression.




When will the rain come

To replenish the fields, the rivers and ponds

The cattle are falling

Hope seems to be gone


When will the rain come

To grow flowers on the grave

Of the four little children

We could not save


We've worked and we've prayed

Now all we've got to show

Are four wooden crosses

All in a row



Some will survive this

I won't be one

There's nothing inside me

My time is done


Dead cows and blind chickens

All covered in dust

The preacher he tells us

'In God we must trust'


My woman is old now

She'll be thirty next week

She's hollow and empty

And she never sleeps


She should have married

A much better man

I've told her and told her

'Get out while you can'



Some will survive this

I won't be one

There's nothing inside me

My time is done

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Comment by wiffledust on December 30, 2010 at 10:04am
how appropriate today...have you seen what is going on in northern ireland? some people have been without water for 9 days!

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