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While I have this sad country twang mood going on I might as well throw this out there.




'Holdin' Grandma's Hand'

copyright 2010 by Rick Reiley




He came in like a lion

Went out like a lamb

Holdin' on tightly

To grandma's hand


The world he left

Is much different now

Than when he was taught

To hunt and to plow


Then he depended

So much on his hands

The livestock he raised

The food that she canned




He feels like a stranger

Here where he began

His comfort now is

Grandma's hand


No golden parachute

No retirement plan

Just to go out holdin'

Onto grandma's hand



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Comment by wiffledust on January 1, 2011 at 10:14am
this is wonderful, rick. it speaks to what's happening to us all....!

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