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'This House Will Stand' - new gospelish lyric......

'This House Will Stand'
copyright 2010 by Rick Reiley

This house will stand
In the heat of summer
In winter winds
It will not move
It will not be broken
It will not be shifted
It will not be bent
It will stand true

This house will stand
As a midnight beacon
As a welcome light
To one and all
It will not flicker
It will not dim
It will survive
Mankind's fall

In God's house
Crhist will enfold you
He will hold you higher
Than you ever dared to ride

This house will stand
Come hell or high water
The door's always open
You're safe inside

Repeat second verse and chorus

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Comment by Lorraine Fowler on December 30, 2010 at 2:14pm
This is just beautiful. Thank you.

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