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'Ricky's Chinese Dream'

copyright 2010 by Rick Reiley

I had a dream the Chinese

Owned Disneyland

Fired all the workers and ran it themsleves

From Bugs Bunny and Mickey to the toilet room workers

Right down to the ticket takers and elves.

Colleges were run by news anchors and readers

Who only knew what they were handed to read

Students there studied Rupert Murdoch's wardrobe

And all took lessons in puttin stuff up ther sleeves


What were we I thinking? What were we doing?

How could we not see this coming along?

Everything we learned had been jumbled and twisted

And all upside down

And backwards and wrong

Then the highways were blown up with dynamite

And matches

So everybody pretty much had to stay put

Stay home and be friends with their ugly old neighbors

Reading old papers through ashes and soot

Electrical power was banned as an evil

Went back to bicycles and half lame mules

Writing letters on paper

But no way to mail them

It had a way to make us all feel like fools


We were all marched backwards to go live on the land

But we couldn't do nothin' but just stare at our seeds.

None of us had never planted a thing

We'd only mowed the front yard and pulled a few weeds

When I awoke I was mumbling Chinese

Then realized I didn't know how

I was awfully relieved and thanked God for his mercy

But I'm kinda wonderin' what to do now

Maybe learn a new language and go milk a cow


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Comment by wiffledust on September 24, 2010 at 9:39am
great job, rick!!! it's so weird to see this, because only two days ago one of my young students asked me if the chinese were really going to own us!!! you said so much in a little space. bravo!

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