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'Daddy Joy'

copyright 2010 by Rick Reiley

Papa ate the Easter bunny

And shot the one eyed cat

He told the truth about Santa Claus

Saw nothing wrong with that

“What's the use in bein' gentle?

-kids are just flesh and blood!

They've got a right to know real life-

And that when it rains it floods!”

Daddy was a caution

No sugar coated story

Just the bare assed naked truth

In all it's shinin' glory


That was happy daddy

That was daddy joy

That was daddy de-light-ful

Daddy, mama's favorite boy

That's one thing I remembered

The crudeness of the man

Always showing us the warts and all

The ashes in the can

But sometimes he let down his guard

For things like goin' fishin

And ice cream in a salad bowl

And sittin' on the porch and wishin'

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Comment by wiffledust on September 25, 2010 at 10:41am
so much truth in these words about so many dads.......great job, rick! can't wait to hear it with the music!

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