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An old worn out title. The Road Less Traveled. New Lyric.

'The Road Less Traveled'

copyright 2010 by Rick Reiley

The road less traveled

Is often a path

No highway signs

No charts of graphs

Sometimes it's with others

Sometimes you're alone

Surrounded by shadows

On your long walk from home

The road less traveled

I've been on a few times

I found weeds and thickets

And stickers and vines

And sometimes a rainbow

And a bright yellow rose

Hope in full bloom

Right there under my nose


The sure and the certain

The dark shady lane

Listen real close

Which one's callin' your name​?

The road less travleed

Is there for those

Who don't follow directions

Or go with the flow

They roll with the punches

And land where the may

The main road is smoother

If you like it that way


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Comment by Dorraine Darden on September 29, 2010 at 9:23pm
Yellow roses blooming beside shadows- just lovely!

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