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   August 15 "Quickie" Writing challenge: 


   I really like gemstones. Like most people do, because they are shiny and come in many, many different varieties. If I were to get a gemstone, I couldn't care less if it was plastic or rock, as what really interests me is its beauty and color. I remember in seventh grade, the unit we did on gemstones, about luster, streak, weight, and everything else. My favorite gemstone would probably be either Lapis Lazulli or Amethyst. Lapis Lazulli is as deep a blue as the eyes of the ocean, and its inards milky and wavy. I've always loved Lapis more than other gemstones because it's great color. Sadly, not many people know about it. Amethyst is also similar, with its purple to lavender color, and it's smooth and clear inards.

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Comment by wiffledust on August 21, 2011 at 9:07am
thanks for responding to the writing challenge, jameson! nice descriptions. i like amethysts too. there's something deep and rich about them while at the same time clear and light reflecting. looking forward to your next response!

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