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   Alice ran as fast as she could towards the town, and towards the rising sunlight, on November 1st. She screamed, not knowing what was behind her, or around her. Alice's gothic, vampire dress from her Halloween party was ripped and stained, and her blonde hair was desheveled and dirty, as the rest of her. Again she screamed, and she tripped on her way sailing down towards the town. With a loud yell, she forced herself to her feet and resumed her seemingly futile flee to Carlaville. She felt it encircle around her, not ceasing and not pausing. Was Alice going mad? As she ran, she heard inhuman growls and quick footsteps pattering behind her. Suddenly, an incredible force shoved her, forcing her to the ground.

   The woman let out a writhing cry for help as the invisible monster circled around her. As she tried to arise again, the demon pummeled her down again. Another writhing cry, as the bright sunshine shined on the land, and on Alice. The monster continued to pummel Alice, and then it started to drag Alice away, very quickly. The screaming woman kicked up dust, which fell over the monster, revealing a demonic, but obscure, shape. It continued to drag her, while she kicked fruitlessly to escape. Alice then heard an incredibly loud growl and scream radiate from the invisible monster that attacked her.

   Knowing this to be her final chance, Alice mustered up as much strength as she could. She then released her leg to produce an inhuman and strong kick into the air. This paralyzed the monster, and in her short few seconds of escape, Alice darted upwards. The woman ran even faster towards the town. She couldn't stop, or she would die. Despite this, an unnatural presence turned her around. As she turned a face flashed before her eyes. A man, or woman, or neither, with black hair and a long, pale, face. The eyes were yellowed out, with wide open pupils staring directly at Alice, aggressively. The teeth were huge, and not teeth, but fangs. It's mouth was open, pushed by it's fangs. In a single second, Alice only saw the hideous face, which then shifted. The new face was the same, but the demon seemed to be making a 'shush' shape with his mouth, and it's eyes still wide open. It told her to stop screaming.

   After the demonic face was gone, Alice saw It. It was no longer invisible, but a statue. It was a statue of a demon. The demon had huge wings spread out, with one arm raised, as to wave 'hi'. The other arm was lowered. Alice looked at the face. The face was of a hideous monster from the underworld. Crooked, sharp fangs coming from a wide open mouth, and pupiless eyes. As Alice looked down, she saw that the demon was a man, but in place of genitals was a curled snake. It wrapped around the genitals and froze in place.

   Within five seconds the hideous demon and the invisible ghost disappeared and left a paralyzed Alice. As she sat still, she felt an incredibly sharp, wide pain in her abdomen. Like a punch going inside her. Immediately Alice felt nauseous and ill. She turned around slowly and limped back to the town of Carlaville.

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Comment by Jameson Colbert on November 1, 2011 at 10:17pm
Thank you so much :)
Comment by wiffledust on November 1, 2011 at 9:52pm
nice job, jameson! thanks for participating in the writing challenge. you have some really good descriptions in there!

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