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                           "The Assassination of an Eagle"      

  Photo credit goes Maryrose Orlans

    The vibrantly colored, neon messenger bird flew quickly through the forest, with a incredible message. He flew over the lush green trees and growth, with the afternoon sun blaring in his red eyes. It was the middle of summer, in July, and all the birds in the country were hot and restless, so think of this bird: Flapping his wings all day to report an urgent message to his master. Suddenly, the flying messenger spotted his master, grounded, in a break in the thick forest. The master was of high rank, obvious by his large red band draped around his neck, pluss the blue haze on his face.

    Sunshine bathed the clearing where the messenger landed, up to meet his master. The master looked at him with wide, bulging eyes. He almost seemed angry and irritated by the quick messenger. The master twitched his head eagerly as the messenger landed and started to patter towards him. As the messenger approached the domineering master, he immediatelty spoke. "Baron!" He squealed.

"Speak now," The master demanded.

"Urgent news from the capital!"

"What is it!? Speak quickly!" The master said, overly anxious.

"The assassination has been foiled, and our operatives have been apprehended by his majesty's service!"

      Upon hearing the news that the Eagle King has survived the master's plot, the master was plunged into shock. He opened his mouth, and could only utter a squack, and became paralyzed. Fearing for his safety, the poor messenger bird backed away, with his feathered arm coming over his face, cowering away. The two sat paralyzed and petrified for a good minute, until the master let out a scream.

     "This can't be happening!" He screeched, blinded by complete rage. "The two were our best killers! How can this have happened!?" He, again, screamed. "You let his happen! You mongrel!" The master was suddenly throwing accusations and insults at the horrified messenger.

"Master!" The messenger barely muttered due to his loss of voice because of shock.

"Don't tell me to calm down! You were in charge of the operatives, you let them be captured!" Said the master. "You shall be executed tomorrow!" He said with a triumphant shout, even though no one won the incident, as the master completely lost his mind.


      And so the poor messenger bird was killed because he messed up at his job. The Eagle King survived and the country flourished and crushed the master's puny, dirty country.


                                                                              The End!



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Comment by Jameson Colbert on November 5, 2011 at 3:40pm
Thank you, Maryrose. :)
Comment by Maryrose Orlans on November 5, 2011 at 12:18pm
This piece is wonderful!!  I'm so pleased my photo was somehow involved--thank you!!

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