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Just added my Christmas song I recently recorded here.

And here are the lyrics. Enjoy!

Santa Claus is Staying at Home Music and Lyrics Sherry Somach c 2009

1. This year we just might get
Our Christmas of white
Santa wears the same old suit
But it’s getting mighty tight
We’ll buy a tree like years of old
And string up all the lights
But this year there’ll be something new
To make this season bright
Santa Claus is staying at home
He’ll watch T.V. and answer the phone
Cause Mrs Claus won the toss
This year she will be the boss
So Santa’s gonna be hangin’ at home

She said
2.“I’m gonna drive that sleigh tonight
I’m gonna run the show
Ride with reindeer through the stars
And play in all the snow
Each year you get the credit
And the elves just give me flack
I’ve always let you take the reins
Tonight I’ll take them back


3. Mrs. Claus laid down some laws
She had to take control
Cause all those cookies Santa ate
Gave him a jelly roll
The reindeer were complaining
And threatening to strike
They say they need a bailout
Or they’re gonna take hike


(Spoken) Santa and his missus
All through the night they fought
Santa he threw in the towel
Said, “show me what you got”
“Listen Nick, and listen good
Go sit beside the tree
Just kick back and listen
Here’s how it’s gonna be”

4) The gift of music is a song
And it keeps on giving
No toy on earth replaces love
To make life worth living
Peace is dust from angels
And laughter sparks delight …

(Jimmy Durante character speaks:”Wait a minute Wait a minute. Stop the music. It’s a recession.. Spend )
(Then sung)
Let’s lighten up this Christmas
Finally get the spirit right

Santa Claus is staying at home
He’ll watch TV and answer the phone
Mrs. Claus has won the toss
This year she will be the boss
So Santa’s gonna be hangin’
Santa’s gonna be hangin’
Santa’s gonna be hangin’ at home
(Spoken: I’ll be home real early, Nick”)

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Comment by Donna Stumpo on December 4, 2009 at 7:37am
This is great Sherry! Love it! Sometimes Mrs. Santa just has to take the reigns and put her foot down!
Comment by wiffledust on December 3, 2009 at 7:19pm
love it, sherry! how creative! and what a great swing voice you have!!!! thanks for sharing this!

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