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Last night I went to my first creative writing class. In our first exercise everyone came up with a word they liked or didn't like. Then we had to create a story with them. It was a lot of fun, and a great way to jump start creative juices.
For homework we had to tell our life story using short 1-3 word phrases, separating each thought or event with a comma.
The idea so intrigued me that I came home and did the exercise. I thought I would share it here so the members can know a lot about me. Also, it was a fun exercise. I might revise, but here it is in 'raw" form.

Rainbow puddles, jumping in leaves, a snowwoman’s scarf, black and white photos, Aunt Sylvia’s brownies, woolen leggings, nostrils stuck together, Michael Kweller’s hair, Frick Park picnics, Hula Hoops, Kennywood roller coasters, red angora sweater, choir practice, prank phone calls, kissing under fireworks, crowded lockers, Twist contests, dissecting a frog, Bill Mazeroski’s homerum, Bongo drum poetry, snubbing college graduation, El Yunque rainforest, mini skirts, 5th floor walkup, asymmetrical haircut, New York lonely, taking the A Train, Greenwich Village coffeehouses, fleeing bad marriage, Be-Ins, Haight Ashbury parties, Greatful Dead, Streaking, Hitching to Oregon, Blackberry picking, Teepee in woods, Communes, Full Moon drumming, beaded ceremonial fans, Bisbee Blue turquoise, 2nd class train to Zipolite, squealing pigs, sleeping in hammock, Fresh made tortillas, killer Mescal hangover, magic mushroom pilgrimage, hut on sandbar, malaria fevers, Ghost towns, Everette’s blue eyes, unbearable Florida summer, Delaware Water Gap jazz, Phillies in 1980, open mic performing, Oozo in Athens, Rio de Janeiro rhythms, Jamaica, mon, Shanghai neon lights, 2nd childless divorce, Django in June, Jazz Camp West, Phoenix rising

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Comment by wiffledust on November 10, 2009 at 1:09pm
oh sure...send them! but i'm warning you that just the THOUGHT of being lost in a swamp over night scares the be-hooey outta me!
Comment by Sherry Somach on November 10, 2009 at 11:02am
Got lost in a swamp over night. Have chapters of my adventures written. Will send them to you, if you like.
Comment by wiffledust on November 10, 2009 at 10:55am
i LOVE this, sherry! thanks so much for sharing it....i'm going to do this too and encourage the others. it's a great way to get to know people or spark some questions. malaria fevers???

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