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'Days Work/Changing Times'


copyright 2011 by Rick Reiley

He went to the police station

With his momma's severed head in a bag

Asked them to call his doctor

Cause he was feeling really bad

That doctor mentioned this to me in passing

When I asked how she had been

I answered that I was shocked and surprised

She said, it's 'all in a days work my friend'


Days work, days work

Days work in changing times



I asked the Army Sergeant

How things were going

This is what she said

'We sang happy birthday

To our youngest soldier last night

This morning he was dead

Zipped him up in a body bag

And sent him on his way

He had done his last ways work

And got his last days pay'


Days work, days work

Days work in changing times


I told Mrs. Morris I'd had a long day

And she said she remembered those

Working, sunup to sundown in cotton fields

When she wore a sharecroppers clothes

She said after her 13th baby

She couldn't lift the cotton no more

Had to have help felt like an old woman

Worn out at 34


Days work, days work

Days work in changing times



If you feel bad

Cause you worked through your lunch

Or didn't get to clock out on time

Just remember: it's a changing world

          And these are changing times

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