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'Granny in the Snow'

copyright 2011 by Rick Reiley


Granny looked funny

Layin' there in the snow

I don't think she ended up

Where she really wanted to go

When she stepped down the stairs

To feed the kitty cats

She tripped over my snowman

And fell on her face-



I was laughin' so hard

I couldn't stop

Watchin' granny roll around

With the snowman on top

The cats got scared

And jumped into the pile

And they all rolled around

In the snow for a while



Granny's in the snow, granny's in the snow

Nothin's quite as funny as my granny in the snow


We were feelin' bad

For laughin so hard

At granny and the cats

And the snowman in the yard

I laughed so hard

I lost my hat

Then granny hit me with a snowball

And an ice cold cat


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