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Things that go bump in the night - part 2

So we go back to the haunted ghost tour of Branson. We were in a place that had once been a building, but now there was just a concrete floor and a couple of partial walls. A few things had happened there, among them the kidnapping and murder of a woman and her child. All night I was snapping pictures all over the place in hopes of catching something. At one point I was standing at the edge of this place, zooming in on the place we had just visited a couple of buildings over.

My wife got my attention and told me to take pictures in a certain spot where we were, so I did. I just thought she didn't want me to miss that place. As it turns out, she was having her own paranormal experience. She said that a couple of times she thought I was messing with her. She would feel someone pulling on her hair. I have been known to grab one or two hairs and tug on them a little. That's what it felt like, and she would turn around to tell me to stop. The problem was, I was 6 or 8 feet away and looking the other direction taking pictures. No one else was near her so she knew it wasn't someone else walking by or anything either. Then she felt someone pull on her pant leg like a little child would do to get your attention. That was when she wanted me to take the picture, in the spot where all of this was happening. We didn't get anything on the pictures but we certainly had a few memorable experiences on that little excursion that I expected to be just a walk around town.

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