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'The Senator and the Banker'

copyright 2012 by Richard Reiley

The Senator asked the Banker some really tough questions

Like how are your children? How was your day?

Then the Banker walked out with the billion dollars that he stole

While every one else looked the other way

He wasn't sworn under oath to tell the truth

They didn't want to challenge his dignity

Which he earned by legally cheating people

Who look a lot like you and me

They could tell by his clothes he was one of them

Untainted by original or any other kind of sin

The girl sellin' herself out in the alley

To buy diapers, dope and to pay her share of the rent

Sits in jail with others just like her

Who wonder where the good times went

Not a Senator among them

Not one Banker by her side

Which one causes more hurt and damage?

I don't know, I guess the courts will decide.  

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Comment by Maryanne Mesple on July 14, 2012 at 10:41pm

thanks for sharing ....

Comment by wiffledust on July 10, 2012 at 10:43am

it's about time folks started writing songs about this! thanks for sharing, rick....

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