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Five o'clock seemed like an eternity.
Now traffic is at a snail’s pace.
Slowly the city is in the rear view.
The traffic becomes less and less.
Speed limit raises and I’m racing off.

Cares flying away like the wind from my car.
Leaving kids and worries all behind.
Crossed the Red River and I’m in Oklahoma now.
Heading north through the Jack Fork Mountains.
Onto the Ozarks and my ears are popping from altitude.

At the peak of Ozarks, a rainbow of color unfolds.
Picture perfect landscape as far as the eye could see.

No photo can mimic this and no words can describe.
The sky so vivid was the bluest I’d ever seen.

Divided only by a shimmering line where the sky kissed the earth.


The mountains stretched up and up covered with trees.
Tree’s cascaded around like wax running down a candle.
A lake catching the colors as they slide into the valley.
Reflecting, mingling and dancing together in perfect sync.
No break in the flow of color as far as the eye could see.

Time slowed down as if to stop and admire its creation.
As the evening sun set's across the valley it was magic.
Every color on the palette was represented.
Layer’s ever so slightly bending and folding into each other.
The air was so fresh and crisp with the scent of pine in the wind.

Dusk glowed as the sun said good night to the day.
Then moon came out to greet me.
A full moon bright, beckoning and lighting a path.
Reflecting across the valley like a lighthouse in the sky.
So full of light the stars came out to play.

As the morning sun wakes the dew glistens across the horizon.
Wild pheasant bask in the warm sun before breakfast.
Winter bird’s serenade starts off the day.
Each in perfect harmony as their song fills the air.
The tree’s calling for you to walk among them.

All problems and stress a world away.
If only life could always feel so carefree.
Nature is the greatest healer.
“The Great Escape”, I declare this holiday.
When reality won’t allow, I will come here in my mind.

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Comment by Maryanne Mesple on February 15, 2013 at 6:07pm

Mona, I love this piece. I lived in the Ozarks and I could see my own memories being painted with your words. The wonder of the beautiful natural world is a great escape that is so healing.

I relate to the sense of redundancy and wanting to mix up our words when writing and the Thesaurus is a beautiful tool. I myself, in addition to the Thesaurus keep journals of metaphor usage and Similes. My journals help me exercise the verbal paint brush. I look forward to more!

Comment by Mona Short on February 9, 2013 at 12:22pm
Thanks Lisa, I'm been trying to write with more description and less rhyme. I so enjoy descriptive writing that not only takes you there but paints a picture. It's hard not to sound redundant though, had to use a thesaurus a couple of times :)
Comment by wiffledust on February 9, 2013 at 12:14pm

wow, mona! look at you rockin' the descriptions!!!! beautiful imagery with words here. "nature is te greatest healer". so true. "no break in the flow of color"...i love that line. thanks for sharing yourself with us!

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