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(Photo by Maryanne Mesplé)

In my yard,  Crocus break through the Earth's crust and announce the imminent arrival of Spring and soon after the song of the Crocus, Dandelions join the chorus. I love Dandelions. Dandelions are versatile in that they provide beauty for our eyes to feast upon as well as lending their blossoms to becoming yummy wine and their petals and leaves add so much to breads and salads. Yep, I love Dandelions, especially in my yard where I can celebrate their presence and appreciate the gifts of our earth. Dandelions are free food and I don't have to go anywhere to be served such bounty! That is a big wow! At least it is for me :-) I love to sit and observe the Dandelion's beautiful brilliant yellow flowers that attract newly emerged bugs. Dandelions inspire me to be creative because when I see their yellow heads erupting throughout my yard I want to cook, I want to paint, I want to plant, I want to dance ... I just want to celebrate Spring's arrival and sing along with the Dandelions!

(photo by Maryanne Mesplé)
I love Springtime. Spring is when Mother Nature shows off her talent for creating beauty out of the smallest of small packages ... seeds.  My creative urges are like seeds within me and when Springtime rolls around I am filled with beautiful imagery of all the things I want to create or grow. For my creative seeds to produce I nurture them just as I tend to my newly planted vegetable seeds. I have many different types of gardens. I have vegetable gardens, and flower gardens, and gourd gardens and paint gardens and gardens of beads and gardens of plastic bags I am crocheting into totes and gardens of books and journals. I enjoy tending to my gardens. I enjoy nurturing my seeds tucked within the loving soil of my heart and soul and I enjoy tending to the the seeds I've tucked into the earth's womb. Today, I transplanted more sweet peas and long beans and lettuce and spinach and beets. I dug into the earth with my fingers and created cradles to receive plant starts that Mother Nature and I have been tending for several weeks. I blessed the baby greens as I patted the soil around their roots and blessed the opportunity to participate with Mother Nature to produce a garden that will nourish me and my family. And I noted that without asking or coaxing my property will produce for our family a copious supply of Dandelions this season.The nourishment I receive goes beyond what vitamins and minerals my body ingest at harvest time. I will be filled with soul-ishous nourishment knowing that I am one with my Mother the earth and that I am loved by her because I am one of her creations that sprang from a seed :-)

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Comment by Maryanne Mesple on June 15, 2011 at 4:27pm
May your celebration be filled with lots of good, loud, wonderful music and delicious cold drinks! Happy Dancing :-)
Comment by wiffledust on June 15, 2011 at 2:53pm
this is beautiful and hopeful, maryanne. you made me want to sit outside and plant, then grab a cool drink, kick on the van morrison and have a dance! thank you!

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