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     Yes I said I would be reading books from my list of must read books. I am reading or rather trying to read books that I have never cracked open or after reading a few lines put down due to distractions of life, or pure boredom with the book. I am trying, really I am. I carry with me,wherever I go, the first book on my list, Loving What Is by Byron Katie. I am reading this book but having difficulty with my interest level. I like her message of examining our thoughts and how to rid our musings of what is not healthy. I agree that we can chose to not waste our time thinking about stories that we create based on little fibs we tell ourselves. I don't have a problem with her self discovery and I don't have a problem with learning about what she learned on the floor of a half-way house she was living in. I am always eager to integrate into my own self examination processes new perspectives. I do have a problem with her use of endearments with her subjects/clients and I do have a problem reading miles and miles and miles of repetitive dialog. Well, maybe there are not miles of repetitive dialog but it sure feels like it!
     I will continue to honor my commitment to myself and I will continue to read this book. I will read and re-read because while reading I forget what I am reading because I have no interest. I cheated and flipped through the pages and discovered there are a few places in the book void of dialog sharing. I am hoping that those little oasis of words will bring me back to a more positive attitude about this book. I hope. I long for. I pray. I want. I desire. In the meantime, between my agonizing moments of making myself read this book I will liven up my life with exciting moments of creativity!


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Comment by Maryanne Mesple on June 16, 2011 at 10:30am
Thank you for your kind words ... I enjoy painting with words :-) When a book pulls me in and swallows me up with anticipation of the next sentence, paragraph, page I resist flipping forward ... but ... when the author tortures me I flip forward for relief and distraction! (learned that one while I was a student!)
Comment by wiffledust on June 16, 2011 at 8:35am
you're a really good writer, maryanne...i'm enjoying this series! i'm one of those who cheats and flips pages too.....and when something is exhausting to read, it just is! ;-)

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