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I am not excused from losing my Umph. I am not excused from not finding fuel for my creative drive nor am I excused from times when my creative juices just don't flow.  Nope, I am just as human as the next human standing in line for inspiration. Some days I  feel like I am waiting for a special, unique, ordinary moment that moves me. I feel like I wait for that something inside me but that something is elusive. In my moments of feeling flat within, I know I really need my switch flipped to "on" so that my personal creative current flows unobstructed. I openly admit to experiencing days filled with long moments where I sit and stare at all my artsy, crafty objects/items/supplies and see absolutely nothing.  I walk into my gardens and feel void of motivation to look for weeds or motivation to gently till the earth and the thought of dragging a hose is just too much to consider. I can't see ...  zip or zilch  or zippo or crapo! I see nothing! I can't make a decision about line or shade or color or a cut or a burn or a watering can ... I feel frozen inside. In those moments when I have lost my creative battery's charge all I know is I am not productive. I feel heavy inside. I feel like stagnate water void of movement within. I feel a sense of letting seconds slip through my life untouched and unused and we all know we can't bank our unused seconds. Darn it!
     In these empty moments I slowly become aware of the need to recharge my creativity and bust down the dam that is keeping my flow from flowing and blocking the path between my mind and the amazing selection of creativity offered by the Universe. What to do?
     What to do? When I become aware I am in the midst of a creative blockage (obvious by my lack of creativity!) I go soak in a wonderful hot bath imbued with herbs and salts.
(Photo by David Mesplé ... Submerged Within Ones Element)
     I soak and relax. I let my body feel the wetness of the water and the tingly sensation of water that is almost to hot to be in. I submerge my body into liquid beauty and I slip under her surface and let her hold me ... I become weightless. I become void of the sensation of a heavy body and let the feeling of lightness of being help remove my blocks. As the salts penetrate my pores and the gentle aromatics of the herbs waft their way to influencing my mind I feel my switch within flip back on. I feel my creative juices move again and by the time I am done soaking my body in the hot fragrant water I am filled with wonderful imagery. I feel renewed. I have story after story speaking to me. I see color and shadows and lines and textures and my plants sing to me again.  I recharge my creativity submerged within.

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