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I just entered this for contest. Wrote it a few weeks ago.



Mad Gypsy Woman
1) You stole my heart
And ran off like a petty thief
You tossed it carelessly
Like it was a piece of tainted beef

2) You burned my eyes
When you stared into them with desire
Still I can see your swarthy face
Through the images of searing fire
If I could find you I would wrap my arms around you
Then choke you half to death
If I could be a vampire just for a few nights
I’d sink my fangs into your neck
I love you
I hate you
Both of them are true
Your touch is my weakness
And it’s my poison, too

3) You warped my mind
When you told me lies that I believed
My brain’s Swiss cheese
What a fool I was to be deceived

4) You took the sun
And left me howling at the moon
You swiped my smile
Now I’m crying like a crazy loon
5) You crushed my will
And left me begging like a dog
Take back your bone
The veil is lifting from this fog

6) I’ll torch you house
So you never can come home again
I’ll have a child
And make sure it’s with your best friend


And my Gypsy King, if you are reading this
Every word I say is true
I’ll meet you when the moon is full
At our secret rendezvous

©Sherrry Somach
Feb. 2011

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