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As Close As That, live at Eddie's Attic

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Comment by Matthew Kahler on August 21, 2011 at 11:52am
hey mariah, matthew here. thanks so much for reaching out and asking about the tune. let's see, my best attempt at 'defining it for you is to incorporate some stream of consciousness. so, the person in the song is approaching a state of more wholeness, a part of that is realizing that there is no need to explain to anyone their method, their distraction, or their absence of response whilst on the journey. the individual is open, willing, positive. the exquisite anticipation of acquiring some or a large portion of the answer to a question asked or unasked is where in lies the beauty. perhaps and probably we will never arrive at perfect center, at middle 'c', but that quest to hover over our own personal pool of self actualization, is far more rewarding than any attempt at transforming our very to spirit to satisfy another's idea of us, or what it is they think or wish we could, should, and would be.

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