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What Lyrics Speaks to Me? Good question.

Did you ever wonder why music touches everyone? I have. No matter how
young, old, or the culture it touches something very primitive in all
of us. Music has the power to make one laugh or cry or come together.
Music is magic. Don't believe me? Just watch a crowd at a concert no
matter the genre. Watch concert goers sing every verse to a ballad or
get swept away deep into a concerto. Watch a teen bop to a booming base
in a car or brood in the bedroom to the dark and the dreary.Music cuts
deep to the very core. That brings to mind one of my favorite
quotes Music is what feeling sounds like. No truer words have ever been
spoken. There are so many lyrics that touch me for different reasons.
Asking what lyric speaks to me is like asking what color is my favorite. .
It depends on the context... But alas, I have to choose one (or maybe two).

I used to stumble up to your door
Three thousand kisses on the living room floor
But we don’t do that kind of thing anymore
Cause we both graduated

Behind the upbeat tempo lies a sad truth for many. Who does not love the excitement of a new relationship? Every
touch ,glance, and kiss is fresh and and perfect. I would like to think
I graduated in another sense. What I have lost in newness I gained in
comfort with the familiarity of my best friend. I can share anything
without wondering if I put my foot in my mouth or
even if I did I can get a big laugh out of it later. I find comfort in
the familiar arms around me that has shared so many of the same
experiences as me that at times I don't even have to say a word. Hand
me my cap and gown will ya. I am ready for my diploma.

There's a big old goofy man
Dancing with a big old goofy girlOoh baby it's a big old goofy world

A big old goofy man and big old goofy girl love to dance to this. Who knows? Maybe it's our graduation song...

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Comment by Rick Reiley on September 25, 2010 at 11:43am
Nice. It reminds me of.....things......Thank you!
Comment by wiffledust on September 25, 2010 at 10:33am
these are terrific, ericka. i LOVE big old goofy world. it puts me in mind of a creator with a sense of humor! ......and i love what you said about the beauty of a familiar relationship, and your description of your best friend. nice work!!!!

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