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This has been one of the most heart-wrenching weeks of work for me in a while. One story to share. I was admitting a woman in her 50's (who is expected to live 4 weeks at the most) to hospice services. These appointments generally last close to 4 hours, and much of my 26 pages of paperwork doesn't take lots of brain cells. I take cues from the patient and family as to how much "extra" conversation in which to engage. I felt a particular kinship with this patient, and we talked about many different things. As all of you know, it doesn't take long for music to come up in any conversation with me. I mentioned the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival coming up in a few weeks.  Her eyes lit up and she asked if Arlo is there. She talked about seeing the Guthrie Family perform. As she told me that it was that it was fairly recent, I could see the realization flit across her eyes...I am not a mind reader, but I would bet everything I know that she was realizing that she would not have the opportunity to hear live music again. The glance she and her husband exchanged nearly broke my heart in two. Seize every moment. Take nothing for granted. ♥

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