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The way that I feel when I am with you

Takes my breath away

I still get so nervous when you're so close

Like a girl who has yet to experience her first kiss

It's such an intense thing


When you're not here

I find that I miss you

Even if I just saw you the night before

Your cold hands in mine feel natural

Hearing your laugh is music to my ears


You hold me when I'm sad

No words are said

Just your presence is enough

I fall asleep to your scent

And it takes me to my happy place


I like talking with you about anything and everything

Music, sports, family, frustrations, goals

There's nothing I can't share with you

Perhaps you feel the same?

Your blazing blue eyes are hard to read


We have talked about "us" before

I know the feelings are there

But it's not the right time

Not for you

And not for me


We both have so much going on right now

The time to enter into something serious isn't yet

Not when both of our lives are in such turmoil

But it is nice to have you there as a friend

With the hint of something more


One day when the dust settles

When we can think straight

And offer all we have to someone

Perhaps that is when we'll find our way

Not yet, but perhaps one day

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Comment by Carissa Galow on August 17, 2012 at 8:15pm

Thanks, thunkety thunk lol....nice, glad you liked it. :)

Comment by wiffledust on August 17, 2012 at 1:25pm

this is cool, carissa. i like the straightforward way it flows. it has a thunkety thunk rhythm to it that makes me think of time passing to the point when it WILL be the right time!

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