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the first time I saw your face
I thought it was the best in the
whole human race!
Right then I decided to establish my place ...
right there next to you...

So I proceeded to make my move
I felt very confident and pretty smoov
people could see that I had a groove
as I headed straight for you...

BUT when I got there I started to space
i forget my words I lost my place
SO>> I decided to state my case
straight from the heart of the matter

I LOVE YOU.......

well...she took out a can of Mace and...
sprayed the thing all over my face..
it's a memory I ll never be able to erase

but i knew right there you were my girl
my diamond-in-the-rough
my sandy pearl
youre the one gave my heart a whirl
Im dedicated to you!

I LOVE YOU.......

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Comment by Dorraine Darden on February 22, 2010 at 8:42am
Wow, the girl's got spunk! I wasn't expecting her to do that, which was a nice surprise. :-)
Comment by Jodie Ann Christiansen on February 21, 2010 at 6:50pm
yikes...mace!!in your face!!! loved it and I smiled....thanks stephan...

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