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Did you ever wonder about the people who write to I Love You I Hate You?

My spin on a one time meeting love letter.

You- Girl at Starbucks in green tank with matching eyes who ordered a Caramel Frappacino. I have noticed you there everyday at lunchtime. You must work nearby.
Me - Tall guy behind you in Eagles T-shirt who ordered the same even though I can't stand them .
I knew you were for me from the time I saw you tuck that crazy beautiful red hair behind your ear and smiled at me. That smile said it all to me. I know we will be together one day. I see it all for us! The house and baby with your red hair and a beautiful life together.If you read this I would like to buy you Frappacino and plan the rest of our lives.

You- Lanky, greasy, guy in Eagles T.
Me- Girl in green tank. I don't think I was smiling at you. If you are the same guy I am thinking of I was smiling at the beautiful blond goddess who I thought was with you. I think she works in the cubicle behind me and I have been too shy to say anything to her. If you know her maybe you could introduce us. You know where I am every day at lunch time. Oh, and since you offered, I'll take you up on that Frappacino.

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Comment by wiffledust on November 12, 2010 at 5:04pm
this is adorable, ericka!!! LOVE IT!!! it makes me smile so when you write! i hope you do it more often!!!!

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