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how did you end up on wiffledust? steen brought this up as a topic...yay!

hey. steen posted a question asking everyone what brought them to wiffledust or how did they end up here. i'll start the first answer. well, i created it. but what really brought me to the whole concept was wanting to interact with art, particularly music in an intimate setting. i love seeing music up close and personal where you can see every expression on the artist's faces. up until then, i had usually seen music in either arenas or bars where everyone in the audience was truly obnoxious. ..but i love the idea of artists of all types sharing and inspiring each other. what about the rest of you?

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I'm glad to see all the new people. welcome!
really great new people, brenda! it's exciting!
I surfed the entire internet and when I finally got to the very end, there you all were!

Seriously, I was checking out some music sites I love, and something pointed me here. I checked out the forum for the music preferences in the bloggerhood and I was sold! Then, I read some of the info for members and can't believe the talent gathering here. I have so much to learn. Thanks for having me!
Nice to have you here, Gracey. I don't think we have anyone from Wyoming yet. I could be wrong on that. Do you mind me asking which music sites you love that landed you here? I'm curious how people find us. Thanks so much!
I love reading music blogs, and was just randomly surfing around and was immediately intrigued. Art! Music! My soulfoods of choice!
wiffledust, your art is so beautiful! The photos here are mind-blowing. I turn into the 10 thumbed woman when someone hands me a camera.
So, I spent some time gawking around. After checking the forum, I found that my music appetite is similar to so many people here. I look forward to many new discoveries.
I write for a site called slackercountry sometimes and enjoy seeking out the unusual. And this site seems unusually nice.
I live in Wyoming, but have strong southern roots and it often shows in my music preferences.
I have plans to improve my writing skills. Writers write, right?
writers definitely write, gracey! get comfortable here and then start writing! everyone else pretty much gives it a try. if you're a writer, we'd live to see what you write . please share as soon as you feel comfortable. which southern artists do you like? i like southern music too. and writers. thanks for the kind words about my art, and i'm sure the folks here would love a kind word about their photos or blogs etc.....get situated!
It's been said, but I'll say it again - Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter ever and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table and say so! (paraphrased from Steve Earle, another best songwriter ever).
And Guy Clark and Verlon Thompson are wonderful. And Kris Kristofferson has pretty much said it all. John Prine has been a lifetime favorite....These influences brought me smack-dab up against James McMurtry, Todd Snider, Will Kimbrough, Tommy Womack, The Drive By Truckers, Deer Tick, Ryan Bingham, Jason Isbell, Hayes Carll, Bloodkin, The Gourds, Brent Best, Ronnie Fauss, Adam Carroll, Susan Gibson,,,,,and on and on and on.
you have awesomey taste in music!!!!! you should put these in the what are you listening to now? group when you get there. oh townes ...sigh. and john prine is a personal favorite of mine. "can i go all the way with you?" so good! and i love his duets with iris dement. james mcmurtry is a fave of mine it!!!
FACEBOOK, of course! Lisa commented on Cary Cooper's page, and I was curious about her whimsical table. I sent her a message asking about it. I was new, and wary of friending people I didn't know, too. She said I could friend her to look at the photos, then unfriend if I wanted.

Are you kidding?!?!? I never defriended! ;)

I listened to the radio, looked around some, but didn't join until recently, after purchasing a necklace from one of the artists.

I'm having a mid-life adventure and am finding people who help me express my creativity here.

Well, Lisa and I became friends on MySpace but only communicated a few times. I'd wander over to her page occasionally. I always enjoyed it's (her) sensibility and the way that she created a comfortable space for the arts. Then a couple of days ago, she posted a photo that reminded me of my roots in Florida and following the thread back to this site, I found myself signing up to see what else was going on. I am delighted to say that what I have found is a sort of online salon where the discussion is constructive and intimate and I'm truly glad to be a part of it. Thanks!
your comment means the world to me, maggie, because the original name for wiffledust was "the wiffledust salon"! so you get it! that's exactly what it is. there is still a page on the main site called the wiffledust salon, and that is where i've put alot of improv skits that we've done, and some wonderful live interviews with songwriters. i hope you check over there. just g to the main site at and click "the wiffledust salon" in the nav bar. i'm so very glad you were moved to join us. your photography is wonderful, and so are you!
Lisa added me on Facebook some time ago. Had no clear idea who she was but seemed nice. We have some friends in common, mostly from music. Finally last night I had a moment and wondered just what was this Wiffledust thing. Now I know. Here I am. Howdy, folks.


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