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how did you end up on wiffledust? steen brought this up as a topic...yay!

hey. steen posted a question asking everyone what brought them to wiffledust or how did they end up here. i'll start the first answer. well, i created it. but what really brought me to the whole concept was wanting to interact with art, particularly music in an intimate setting. i love seeing music up close and personal where you can see every expression on the artist's faces. up until then, i had usually seen music in either arenas or bars where everyone in the audience was truly obnoxious. ..but i love the idea of artists of all types sharing and inspiring each other. what about the rest of you?

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and i'm the lucky one for that twist of social network fate! thanks for that IM in the middle of my fever!!!
I am an artist, and a 'kinda like an artist'. Lisa sent me a friend request on FB. We have several mutual friends. I treasure some of our written exchanges there and I appreciate her efforts here. She has given me (and us) a written assignment that I've decided to take. Requirement ? : blog page on Wiffledust.
So, I'm here, Hello.
hellooooo brenda!!! i treasure our exchanges as well. you're a very welcome addition here!!! thanks!
Okay, I think it was through David VIdal's page that I somehow wound up here. Nice to hang out with other creative folks. Thanks for the opportunity.
it's great to have you here, rick!!
how sweet of you, lisa. well we're thrilled to have you here. i'm obviously a huge fan of stephen's too. are you an artist?
that link didn't work. but i'm looking forward to seeing your work!
The Stumpo's shared this site with me on a visit to the B&B in New Hope where I work. I always thought that there should be a website like this. I am happy that this one found me!
well we're so happy you're with us, chrissy! i've heard great things from donna about the inn where you work. i love new hope!!!!
Hello to all__I found my way here, through a mutual friend. I am on FB and Myspace and a few others. I also like the smaller communities. Born and raised in Upstate NY in a rural area__I am a "Country Gal" at heart__the "Cities" are nice to visit--and do shopping__but let me find my way back__along those "Country Roads". This will be an outstanding site, and network__as many people will be elated with the atmosphere, openness and personalities. Thanks to everyone for the welcome. I do feel comfortable here also__umm what a nice change of scenery~~
we are thrilled to have you here, ruthann....i'm glad your friend told you about us. we're growing a creative community one member at a time, and it's so much the better for having you with us!!
The spaceship landed and here i was...


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