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hi, brenda. i just added this space so that you can have more room to chat and post and not get cut off like in the comments. that way everyone's stuff can be in one space. a little like a wall. xxoo

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Good luck on the drive up!  I know it will go well, and the cats will love their new home!!  Good thoughts and prayers for your journey!!



Hi Brenda.  It was nice talking to you yesterday. Linda Knable wrote some sweet stuff-did Rob show you? I love you. xo


   I think I saw it. the whole concept of Fb refusing to believe that I am a real person , despite the ID copy I sent them & all the people who are willing to say that they have known me for 40 years or more is simply absurd.

   Eventually I will give in and do what they have accused me of. I've used my real name and only had the one account. They accused me of having a fake name and multiple accounts.  I'll end up opening another account in a name that is not my own. what choice are they giving me? I can't really live up in the far north and be isolated, and out of touch with everyone who means anything to me. . I'm thinking about my new FB name 'Brenda S Inexile'. what do you think?

How about "Punk Rock Girl in Exile"??  I know the ability to "be' with all your friends and family is important!  Who knew this FB thing would become such a part of our lives??  Thinking of you!!  Get your self better so you can watch out for that Stemple character!!  We don't want him breaking anything else!!  Safe travels to Vermont! xoxoxoxo

I hope it gets straightened out-but it isn't looking good is it?  It's impossible when there's no one to talk to on the other end.

you're right, it does not look good. As long as they insist they will not help me without the digital Id copy , there's nothing that I can do except continue to send them digital copies of my id, and not get a reply. I sent yet another digital copy a few hours ago.

  If they look at it at all, they have to accept it as legit (it is) , but it us hard to understand them insisting on it being sent again. .



maybe you can take SOME heart in the fact that they are back and forthing with you?

 no, that info was from the only email, on Friday night,since then communication has been limited to the screens they put up during the 'locked account' > continue > prove your identity process.

   I think that either they do not look at the id copies or they do not know what a PA State ID is . They probably would accept a driver's license from PA, but the State ID could be what confuses them , even though it is a valid, government issued , photo ID, (and is needed to vote). .

you know i'm not comfortable with them wanting such personal information. i mean what harm were you doing ? obviously none! but let's say you had 4 accounts. so what??? why does that give them the right to have someone's private license???who even knows what country that goes to?

 I'm not comfy with that either, but , I want to be able to stay in touch with all my friends and family. In the letter, they specify that you should cover the ID number and address. I did...

  But , I think they want to get rid of fake accounts for demographics for investors? At any rate, they targeted a real person..

i can' imagine that they have that many fake accounts to make it worth their while to make so many legit people angry. i think this is just stupid. they did stuff to me too. none of it makes sense

from the interfaith peace march, 2010...  Inexile  as one word I'm thinking . With this as a profile pic.


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