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hi, brenda. i just added this space so that you can have more room to chat and post and not get cut off like in the comments. that way everyone's stuff can be in one space. a little like a wall. xxoo

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 hello! I found it. Maybe some one else will find it too.  Thank you Lisa

it's weird because it works from the bottom up. but as you can see it has space for links, videos, html, etc. if you want to put a video you can see it as a link or to display it like on fb use the embed code after clicking html on the right. it sounds complicated, but it's a very tiny learning curve, i promise! this way the comments aren't cut short and you can have a dedicated space that is easier to keep track of...i think! :-)

Happy Monday, Brenda! I can't believe what you have to go through! Very upsetting!! I'm here! If there is anything I can do, just let me know!! Love you!! Looking forward to seeing you in Vermont!! XO

hi, mr! glad you found this space!

This is a great idea!! You are awesome, Lisa!! Let's shower Brenda with LOVE!!!!

thank you MaryRose, I'm just learning how to navigate here

oh this is weird! check it out. we have replies within replies! nothing like making us dizzy on a monday morning. but, hey, we can handle it. we are wifflers! :-)  this world of wiffledust has many many features but a consequence of that is having many options to learn to use. at least we're seeing each other. i'm taking the comments off the main wall though so that it sticks to the creative stuff. but i'm leaving the main comments such as "chat with brenda" there so people can find this. plus i put a link on fb.

oh look! i can reply to my own reply!!! i need some dramamine now!

 the option is there, and it should be used, this is the interactive part , and it works well, instead of going to the end of the thread , you can answer right there, where what you are replying to was said. Good feature, Lisa..  thanks for the Fb direct. I should be starting to pack up, but I'm still reading up on the Wisconsin rampage and a few other stories while having a lovely mug of my favorite Wifflbrew.

enjoy your brew, brenda! the wisconsin guy appears to be a white supremecist vet. i was thinking he might be a PTSD victim, but it looks like his problems preceeded his service. it's just a terrible tragedy. the county is seeming insane. we have to have creative solutions to all of this anger

 this method works top down , so the orientation might be less of a dizzy thing. Who knows ?, the code is there, I just used it.

 Rob and I are just saying how we have never seen this level of paranoia , wide spread mental illness and ignorance coupled with such easy access to guns. the racisn factor has been amplified, the anti immigrant feelings have been stirred up and innocent people are dying in shooting rampages too frequently.

http://   more on what the Sikh community is experiencing.


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