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Wiffledust Creative Writing Challenge #10-Physically describe your favorite movie star!

He was The Little Prince, with hair “the color of gold” and a laughter that bounced from the stars. Like The Little Prince, his eternal curiosity drove him to explore and ask questions, ignoring boundaries imposed by adults who didn’t understand. This could be seen in his searching eyes, reaching up through raised eyebrows as a child looking to his father. Occasionally his unearthly wisdom betrayed his youthful persona, revealed through a quiet smile that spoke to so many. His face could hold your interest no matter how long you looked. At once perfect and pure, serious and uneasy, troubled by questions that nobody could answer. Full of ideas, creations and dreams his body bounced at times with light-footed eagerness, and yet at others, it sloped into the corner through the pain of wanting too much.

In the end, you felt the need to hold him into your chest with a maternal comforting of a weary head. And yet, extraordinarily, his laughter and quiet smile can still be felt all around us. The Little Prince, who only ever wanted someone to draw him a sheep.

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Comment by Helen on November 17, 2010 at 10:44am
I'd be interested to know if anyone can guess who I'm talking about. I can add a picture once someone has guessed correctly!

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