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The famous line, "If you build it, they will come". This can hold true for any part of life, stemming from the simple, mundane tasks that we do everyday such as getting up and taking responsibility for ourselves to the more intrinsic things such as taking care of a sick loved one, getting our kids off to school, or going to our dead end job so that our family has food to eat. What we are building is character. We are teaching our children that taking responsibilty for ourselves takes character. Caring for a sick loved one, takes character. Kissing our kids goodbye everyday, making their lunch (even though you hate this job), takes character. And going to a job you may or may not hate, but it puts food on the table, until you can find another job, takes character! And although your kids (grown or not) may never acknowledge the fact that you have character, they will innately inherit this quality from you and they will "come". They will come back when they grow up. They will come back to family events, come back with their friends from college, come back with their boyfriend/girlfriend, come back with their potential lover, come back when they have their own family. Because you have built it, in them, and therefore, they will come! Denise Minchin

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Comment by wiffledust on October 14, 2009 at 3:49pm
hey denise! i can't comment since i'm the judge....but i want to thank you for entering! i can comment after the winner announcement which is this friday. isn't it a great movie?

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