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red heels and rose petals Pictures, Images and Photos I am in love. With shoes. My closet is chock full of pumps, boots, and shiny flats. Every time I see a shoe store I get the urge to yank my car over and partake in the rapture of finding that new pair. Maybe I need a twelve STEP program. It’s about the only materialistic thing I have a problem with and I rationalize this because, by gosh, these shoes DO take me places. Obviously I’m not alone with this addiction. Go to any shoe store and you’ll catch mysterious women, buzzing around footwear blooming from boxes like sun lit peonies’, then flung and scattered, scattered and flung in a frenzied picking. I once tried on a pair of red heels at Target and a woman next to me oohed and awed until discovering they were the last pair in her size eight. Her creamy complexion then flamed and her eyes turned flinty. For fear of being maimed, I sheepishly handed the pumps over. I mean, if I get thrown in the slammer for brawling over shoes, it’ll be a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. So, I’ve tried on glossy black pumps and envisioned myself in that silky blue dress, sauntering down New York’s Saks Fifth Avenue, cell phone humming and shopping bags winking and swinging in the sun. A green pair of flats have easily transported me to a pub in Ireland, having a loud conversation with a bloke about the virtues of Irish whiskey. Well, maybe not that. Quite possibly I’d be corralling sheep in a field that I’d inadvertently let out to picnic underneath a birch tree. Recently I was clearing out my closet (finally) and had every pair of shoes I owned scattered like chunky confetti on the bathroom floor. One of my daughters peeked in. Daughter said, “Gosh, mom, you have a ton of shoes.” My tone was defensive. “Say what?” She added, “Nothing.” Her eyes gleamed, sudden like. “Oh, can I borrow those black flats?” “Mm hmm.” With three girls who also adore shoes, I’ve learned to be quite thrifty. None have cost me much over twenty dollars and most, much less. Did I mention I had a shoe addiction? CLASSIC BLACK PUMPS: This pair has taken me to weddings, where chocolate fountains drip like silky rain. And tiered raspberry filled vanilla cake can never have too much butter cream icing.

WET TURQUIOSE FLATS: I’ve walked down dirt roads of Louisiana history in these; explored plantations along the Cane River and those outside of New Orleans, Baton Rough, and St. Francisville. I also went deep into the swamps and held a baby gator and stroked a river rats head while wearing these. Yes, I did. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

PLAID BOOTS: Plenty of Texas two-stepping in this pair, music loud, dance floor slick with sawdust. I’ve danced in these at the Garner State Park pavilion, too, under a full moon bright as a lit cigarette end,jukebox blaring Ring Of Fire by good ole Johnny Cash. As you can see, they are well loved.

BLUE COMFY FLATS: These are taking care of business shoes-volunteer work, grocery shopping, doctor visits, running kiddo around kind of stuff.

LUCKY SLIPPERS: Got these for Christmas and I anticipate they’ll take me down many hills and valleys of inspiration in the story telling arena. Comfy is the name when I’m at home with my mind on writing. Writers can stay in PJ’s and slippers if we choose and barring a knock at the door and the occasional raised eyebrow of the UPS man, nobody need know we’ve been creating little worlds of our own. Don’t you adore that?

Yes, I have a compulsion for shoes. I admit it. How about you?

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Comment by Dorraine Darden on February 22, 2010 at 8:33am
Nothing wrong with safe, flat shoes. They have so many pretty styles. I'm all for comfort, too. Honestly, I won't wear heels that are uncomfortable. Just about every pair I own has passed the walking test. Thanks much!
Comment by Jodie Ann Christiansen on February 21, 2010 at 7:51pm
oh my goodness, Dorraine..., loved reading this AND seeing those shoes with the stories.....delightful for me!!! I thank you sincerely. I once had so very many shoes, but now, at 58yo, I choose safe,flatter ones that don't really compliment any one's legs!!! but, oh, the memories of those sexy heels on the dance floor or where ever!!
Comment by Dorraine Darden on January 19, 2010 at 1:01pm
Thanks, Sha. Yes, probably more than we know!
Comment by wiffledust on January 18, 2010 at 10:55pm
oh this is wild! i love those boots, susie! and i think you ARE The carrie of wiffle, dorraine. minolo blanickwiffles??? i can't walk in really high heels anymore, but i sooooo love them!!! i used to be a pappagallo not sure. i've been wearing SOCKS!!!
Comment by Dorraine Darden on January 18, 2010 at 5:57pm
Are those your boots, Susie?? rad. Love them. And, yes, I think shoes do whisper, chatter and sometimes screammmm. A great outlet for our personalities. Thanks..
Comment by Dorraine Darden on January 18, 2010 at 5:54pm
Oh, dear, Sherry! I'm not sure I can live up to that title. Maybe a knock-off hillbilly version of her. Yeah, that's it. I really do have enough shoes to last a lifetime, yet still want them. What's up with that? Thanks for your comment.
Comment by Sherry Somach on January 18, 2010 at 1:33pm
I love your story!. The pictures of shoes/boots with corresponding stories wa genious. I adore shoes...what woman doesn't?, yet it always seems like an extravagance to buy them. But i sure do look.
So, you are now the Carrie Bradshaw of Wiffledust!!
Comment by Dorraine Darden on January 18, 2010 at 11:21am
I'm sure our love of shoes harks back to the first creation of pumps. A guy must have created them. Did you know a man created the bra? Ha, a bridge builder! But that's another story.

My rule of toe is not buying heels that are uncomfortable. Believe it or not, those plaid boots pass the test! It's about time to retire them, though. I've put many miles on them. But if you want the truth, I'm a hillbilly at heart; barefoot suites me best. If I had delicate, little feet, I would have posted a pic!

Thanks little bow-toed Lisa. :-)
Comment by wiffledust on January 18, 2010 at 10:53am
haha, dorraine! what is it about us girls and our shoes??? lately i work at home and don't have an excuse for buying fun shoes as much anymore. but i soooo love them. when i was in college i used to run around a huge campus in high heels. i have no idea why other than that the shoes were so cute. esp the ones with bows on the toes! maybe it's the whimsy in women's shoes. let's face it. there's nothing practical about them. i enter your plaid boots as exhibit A!!! ;-)

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