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For those of us who love animals, this movie will earn your respect and admiration. A glowing portrayal of the lifelong bond between a boy and his horse, even when separated.

War Horse is directed by Steven Spielberg, so you know you’re in for one high adventure ride. It begins with the friendship between an amazing horse named Joey and the young boy, Albert, who trains and tames him. Albert is laughed at by the rural England farm community when he hooks the horse up to a plow to save their family farm, but Joey is none too proud to plow the land.

Your heart will break at Joey and Albert’s forceful separation when the horse is drafted into the First World War. Made to pull heavy machinery and exposed to every adverse condition, Joey manages to change the lives of all those he encounters: British cavalry, German soldiers, and the granddaughter of a French farmer.

We experience the First World War through the eyes and soul of a horse on the front lines. It is  dramatically raw, and emotional, yet full of hope as the shaken balance of  trust and friendship is restored.  

Highly recommend!

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Comment by Maryanne Mesple on February 8, 2012 at 9:45pm

Thanks for the review. I am a bit hesitant to see the movie for I am a big cry baby! I imagine this movie would require me to bring along an entire box of tissue :-)

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