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My eyes open within my heart,

The veils of illusion fall away,

My Vision shoots through

My head

Peering into the Void

I see myself as I have

Never seen myself

There, Up in the

Cradle of the Gods

I am The All,

Never have I been before,

Always will I be,

Seeing myself contained

Is no longer what I embrace

Smallness is no longer a belief.

I expand as I breathe in the universe

I contract into the

Microcosmic planes as I exhale

I take in,

I give out,

I have no boundaries,

I am the infinitesimal you cannot see

I am the Vast you cannot measure

I am all

I am nothing

I am truth and falsehood

I am fact and fiction

I am hot and cold

Long and short

I am your Youth

I am your decrepitude

I am the beginning and the end

I am non-breathable

 I am the breath

There is no realm where I do not exist

I am my thought

And I am my void

I am the before and the after

The finished and the undone

I am

And I  see with open eyes

That We Are

Seamlessly One

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