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Yes, I am married to a very strange man. We have not lived together for 2 years. He chooses to live a very different lifestyle. My beloved is truly a gypsy. Even today he is living in a home where he has bought time. In approximately 2 weeks he will be on the street again with 5 dogs and 4 cats. Currently he is living there with no electricity or water. Althought he tells me I'm the one living wrong and working for the MAN! at least I am now living in comfort unlike himself. I love this man and have tried to be with him but cannot live with his way of life never knowing when the next shoe will drop. I pray for him daily and wish hi well and only wish we could be reunited under the same roof.

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Comment by Vickie on September 20, 2010 at 7:23am
Thanks guys for your comments. Even though we do not live together (my choice) we see each other whenever I can. My son loathes him and my son of 23 is currently living with me while going to college. Actually he is not liked by any members of my family. My daughter tolerates him because she knows he is a good guy but just can't keep it together. Crazy story and yes Bertie it was quite story how we met and the relationship took off. His first words to me were "Kiss me quick before you think about it"!!! ...and I did.
Comment by wiffledust on September 19, 2010 at 1:11am
hi vickie.thanks for sharing something that must be very complicated and frustrating for you. is he ill?sometimes when someone's behavior is as unstable as this ,it's a sign of an illness.i will pray for your ability to live under the same roof in love and peace very soon!!!xxxxx

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