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so the future arives

in full bloom 

and wanting 


all i said before 

was candy 

and I glossed my 

eyes over


over and again 

'til something rang my bell 

alone on the hill 

I heard the rhythm 

blanking me away 


and soon did something else come 

into the empty places 

filling spaces left vacated

by the endless stream of lonelinesses 

dancing in my memory 

and heart so cripple by attempts to fill it 


only because I'm here 

and feeling all that comes my way 

do I continue on this weary way 

and look to so much farther than 

I should dare to go 

alone and wanting not to be 

but needing it so much 


I think that I'll make it 

though you never can be sure

and I know that I can take it 

though that's not for sure for sure

a good thing, is it?  

Is it? And why do I feel that it is

something I must do 

in order to be real 


Alone I mend these fences 

and sort out all the chaff 

from the wheat which

I am needing 

the cream from only curds 

the stars from clouds which muddy 

everything in the sky will send me 

to believe in from the start of each new day  


mistakes I know I'm making 

which I won't let go of yet

I'll keep in mind 'til some when 

comes and beauty might beget 

a stronger sense of wisdom 

that I'll latch onto with strength 

and feel as I think it 

all the truth which with this time 

I live and breathe and take in 


It's only one life 

Why not . . . 

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Comment by Carissa Galow on April 9, 2011 at 12:26pm
You're welcome!
Comment by Bains on April 9, 2011 at 12:23pm
:) Thank you, Carissa.
Comment by Carissa Galow on April 9, 2011 at 11:52am
This sounds like my mind, constantly going back and inner struggle it seems. Ah but yes, it's only life lol. I liked reading this!

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