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This was written a couple of months ago...

Today is Sunday, June 13th. I am at church keeping nursery and find it very pleasant. Cade is such a doll of a boy who is 2 years now. I kept his sister from an infant who is 5 now and I've kept him as an infant as well. Their parents are such a great couple. Looking out the nursery window I see Bumble Bee bushes; at least that is what I always called them as a child. They are still Bumble Bee Bushes to me. Large sweet white boughs of flowers cover this bush and the Bumble Bees love the nectar. They hover sluggishly over the sweet flowers. Such a pleasant childhood memory. Other flowers from my Mother's garden I remember were Lily of the Valley, awww the sweet fragile bell shaped flowers were so fragrant and pretty. Then there was the Mimosa tree which I called the powder puff tree; they have the sweetest fragrance and blush pink so I would brush them on my cheeks playing dress up. My Nana had the most beautiful Purple/Bluish Hydragneas that looked like huge purple snowballs to me when I was a child. Nana had a huge bedroom on the second floor of her home and every window was filled with African Violets of every color. The leaves were like velour. A few more memorable mentions from Mom's summer flower garden were the snap dragons, happy colorful zinnias, tulips in early spring and of course the clover throughout the yard with honey bees always flitting from one to the other. These are some of the finest memories I recall being a little girl back in the 1950's when summertime was slow, simple and easy! Thank God for memories that still bring so much pleasure...

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Comment by wiffledust on August 7, 2010 at 9:08am
i'm so glad you posted, vickie! nice to see you here!....ohhhh my mom had quite a garden too. and it's such a big deal in the memory of her. she didn't have much space, but planted everything everywhere she could! your memories are lovely....thanks for sharing them.

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