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"This collage is me embracing the flower of life. I own every single petal. I own every twisting root. I own every part of who I am. I know I deserve all the joys life holds for each of us. I celebrate in expressing my soul through my art and I own my birthright of Power in a way that only God, The Goddess, The Intelligent Universe understands. I joyfully create and I am filled with gratitude." That was my statement describing my collage when I submitted it to those who were sharing my experience in a class. I am grateful for being pulled up and out of my hardened shell of denial, of my love of translating what I see inside me to an outside experience.

Reconnecting to my creative side is a long journey for me. A journey through over grown paths deep inside my heart and paths hidden in the convolutions of gray matter. Through the years I let my heart and soul become overgrown with a seriousness that built a wall between my self and me. Sounds a bit odd but in truth I gave up so much of my creative spark opting to experience the world through the eyes of an analytical left brained linear thinking entity and demoted my creative adventures to inconsequential events that just happened now and then ... like 70 gourds that desperately needed to be rubbed and cleaned and etched and painted :-) I am out of the left brained closet and taking up residence in my whole brain ... or at least giving myself permission to be and express who and what I am without any apologies. 

I don't collage that much, but through the course of creating 11 in three months I fanned my spark of passion for art into a wonderfully warm flame. There are so many venues for any of us to give life to our creative side. We can do collage, paint, draw, make beads, sculpt, garden, cook, sing, dance, laugh, be silly and just give wildly delicious and messy expression to all the joy we feel or all the angst we are bogged down in.

 Free hand drawing of a design onto a gourd bowl that I am currently playing with.

I am wild and all over the place. I am cutting out images for another collage. I am drawing my twisty vines onto a gourd for a beautiful soul in California. I am cutting strips of paper for paper beads and I am starting my garden. I am exploding!

Strips of paper that will become beads.

I can't look at anything without wondering what I can make with it or how I can enhance it. I see myself as a work of art also and feel giddy about all the wonderful creative expressions I can wear or how I can reshape my body or how I can enhance my eyes and hair and the list goes on. I stopped lying to myself and everyone else about jewelery, the lie that I don't really like it. I have claimed to not like the 'stuff' too much but now I want to be a musical instrument when my body moves. I want my bangle bracelets to bangle around and my rings to clink. I want my beads to decorate my body and tell those who look upon me that I am a walking work of art :-)

A sample of my beads made from magazine paper.

Life is art ... have I not heard that statement before? I like the statement; Creative Expression gives joy to Life and gives expression to our natural inclination to create, to make, to manifest. We all take joy in being a force that produces something of beauty; even if that beauty is green and growing or diced up and sauteing in a pan. Beauty expressed gives life to our heart and soul and makes our minutes here on this big beautiful globe all the more interesting. 
The start of something big and beautiful and delicious.

And so I sow my many seeds into fertile soil. I tend to my seedlings and provide what is necessary for the seeds to burst open letting their creative spark create. I feel like one of my seeds in one of my peat pots. I feel the warmth and moisture of creativity. I am a Joyful Creation.

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Comment by Maryanne Mesple on May 16, 2011 at 10:05pm
Oh yes that other blog is still in the edit phase
Comment by Maryanne Mesple on May 16, 2011 at 9:38pm

You make my heart glow :-) You make my mouth smile :-)

Hugs to you Lisa ..... and talk about creative expressions you seem to be immersed in a cauldron of creative stew bubbling all over the place!  And the left brain ... eh, been there and done that :-) I am so loving consciously living in and from both sides of my head now!

Comment by wiffledust on May 16, 2011 at 7:04pm
you summed up how i feel but  what i could never express in this joy of creating, maryanne! i love the way you say you're out of your left brain! this is absolutely wonderful. i wish i could have required reading on here, because this would be it!!! i don't see the other blog you posted. i approved it, but now i don't see it. maybe you're keeping it safe for the moment? HUGS!!!

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