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I am primarily a songwriter, though I have dabbled in writing stories. I have also written 3 or 4 chapters of my lifes experiences.
I wrote this recently, and cannot classify it. I know it is not a song. I wrote it because I have had occasion "time travel" and experience personal iconic figures.
This is what came if it wanted to write itself.

Let Sleeping Icons Lie

Let sleeping Icons lie.
Do not walk by their grave and even whisper lest memories be released.
Beside the exhilarated joy lies the ugly truth:
It was as wonderful as you remembered, but the patina has rendered it unrecognizable.

Let sleeping Icons lie
Knowing the truth is so painful that it robs you of the joy of the present:
The gift of today gives shape to future memories. Let them sparkle.
Don’t look back lest you become a pillar of stone.

Let sleeping Icons lie
If you lift a rock for just a peek, a scorpion might spring forth and poison you:
Too dear a price to time travel.
Let it rest in peace.

Let sleeping Icons lie
If you reach out for yesterday, there is nothing to hold onto.
Touch yourself. You are real.
Be in touch with yourself. Now.

Let sleeping Icons lie
Keep the precious joy of yesterday locked in your heart.
It was a gift that gave you forward momentum
It can warm you on a cold winters night

Let sleeping Icons lie
Don’t go looking for them.
Wave and pity the poor fools who hop on that bus
You know what awaits them.

Let sleeping Icons lie

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hi sherry! so glad you joined us!!! i think i would put this as poetry in my mind. i really like it. i want to reread it . but my first read i was just trying to help you figure out how to categorize it. i am thinking poetry. both donna and susie bertie write poetry on here...and others too. i want to get their opinions....i'll give them a heads up. great work!
Poetry!! Makes me curious......sleeping icons......the more you talk about how you don't want to revisit them, the more I want to know about them! Sometimes we can go over and over what is in the past until it becomes an obsession. Not healthy for me, I know that for sure....But there's always something to be learned from our past if approached with the right perspective. For me it usually means some kind of talk therapy. I like what you write about the present, but we shape our present from our yesterdays, don't we? So some reflection is needed to assess where we are, and what direction our "today" will take. I don't live in the past, but an occasional glance backwards gives me a better read on where I am headed......provided I don't dwell........therein lies the trap.......for me the real art is to take what lesson I need from the past and then get out quick before the regret sets in. Usually better done while talking to someone, rather than brooding and mulling and rehashing on my own. Alot of food for thought here!
Beautiful, insightful, Sherry. Category doesn't count...meaning matters...Thank you for sharing.

As an editor of poetry this is an example of prose poetry.  A mix between text and poetry, some poets can write it and some can't.  This is a decent example of it.



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