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how did you end up on wiffledust? steen brought this up as a topic...yay!

hey. steen posted a question asking everyone what brought them to wiffledust or how did they end up here. i'll start the first answer. well, i created it. but what really brought me to the whole concept was wanting to interact with art, particularly music in an intimate setting. i love seeing music up close and personal where you can see every expression on the artist's faces. up until then, i had usually seen music in either arenas or bars where everyone in the audience was truly obnoxious. ..but i love the idea of artists of all types sharing and inspiring each other. what about the rest of you?

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and we're so glad you're here, buddy! here you are indeed. make yourself right at home!
Honestly, this is kind of peculiar. I had been updating my FaceBook page and added creative writing to my interests. Now on that site, the interests are in little capsules. I clicked on my own capsule to see what happened and it took me to a page where there were several connections to sites related to creative writing. I saw this one and was intrigued by it. I checked it out, liked it and sent a quick message to ask more about it.
Since I received a positive response so quickly, I was sold at once. That said, here I am and willing to share and learn.
I arrived via a facebook friend whose name is lost in the mists of my short-term memory, or lack thereof.
I love the idea of online salons - a chance to hears other artists voices, to share opinions and visions.
I am a touring poet and I run an open mike in downtown (such as it is) Binghamton, NY.
hey barrett! i didn't realize that poets get to tour! that's wonderful. i can't wait for you to share some of your work with us here. what's binghamton, ny like? is it an open mic with singer songwriters and such or only poets? do you mind me asking which venue? i like to keep track of venues for our venue page....thanks!!! glad you're here!
Well, we don't get to tour much, but I'll take what I can get!

Binghamton/Tri-cities are a small, ex-industry group of towns... Past home of Endicott-Johnson Shoes, IBM and some other large manufacturers. Currently a budding reinvention with a surprisingly active arts community.

I run a monthly poetry open mike at River Read Books, a local non-chain bookstore. The next one is scheduled for Friday, Dec 10th @ 7pm. More info at, or on my facebook page.
it sounds charming, and i'm so glad this sort of thing still exists!!!! i write a little poetry, and there are some other poets on here of various dedication to it. you might like to check out susie bertie's work in particular. poetry is her strong area.....have fun exploring.
Well, I started seeing really cool posts on FaceBook from a friend of many mutual friends. I also recalled you putting on a concert (that I couldn't go to) with two dear friends, Tom Prasada-Rao & Cary Cooper, and so bridged the FB gap myself. LOVE the community you've created here, Lisa. Look forward to meeting new folks (I see faces of folks already friends) and have a feeling we'll meet in real life before the year's out, Lisa. I mean, we're only an hour apart...
i'm really glad you're with us, tom! we will definitely meet soon if i can just get some work done faster to have a fun series i'm trying to make! thanks so much for joining us!!!! invite your friends.....everyone who isn't a nutcase trouble maker is welcome! :-)))  thanks again, tom!!!!

I came here because of a conversation I had on FB :-) After looking around I really like the whole idea of what Wiffledust is about. I am a lover of music, of the visual and performing arts, of the beauty of the written and spoken word and of mother natures natural artistic beauty that can be captured via photography. I am all about supporting one another in and with our creative venues of expression. When we let our creative being loose in the world we open ourselves up to a very personal sharing of our inner spirit.


and we're so glad you joined us, maryanne!! you fit right it in!!!!
A friend of mine posted some of her pictures to your site and then that same friend gave me some of your coffee as a Christmas present.  I was totally hooked.  And I've been wanting a place to share my favorite photos anyway.  Thanks for giving me that chance!


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