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how did you end up on wiffledust? steen brought this up as a topic...yay!

hey. steen posted a question asking everyone what brought them to wiffledust or how did they end up here. i'll start the first answer. well, i created it. but what really brought me to the whole concept was wanting to interact with art, particularly music in an intimate setting. i love seeing music up close and personal where you can see every expression on the artist's faces. up until then, i had usually seen music in either arenas or bars where everyone in the audience was truly obnoxious. ..but i love the idea of artists of all types sharing and inspiring each other. what about the rest of you?

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I fell into a wormhole while exploring the further reaches of the Greater Magellenic Cloud and ended up here. And then a haiku monster ate me and I had to stay. The end.
i remember it that way to, jami. i was over in that greater magellenic cloud that day too. glad we bumped into each other!
i know it was "too". if anyone comments, i will cut you. ;-)
I was abducted.
and you can plan on being abducted again. ;-p
I was transfixed with your hair and mentioning Autism! I love them all and one better than the next!
We're so glad you're with us, Nicky! You have gorgeous photography!!!!
I'm glad you're here, Nicky. Your photos are wonderful! I enjoy your fb posts, too. Can't wait to meet you in person, cuzzin! was on my facebook feed. When I first got involved in getting fb back in Dec./Jan. I was a complete novice to the tech world. So, I simply started with like-minded people and kept expanding from the one's I knew in my own life to people I didn't know. I have friends that don't like befriending people they don't even know which is okay. However, I wanted to open up my world and share it with others, vica-versa. So bling...wiffledust! Just popped open one of those bad boys and there you were.
and we're truly blessed to have you here, lillian! i'm so glad you found wiffledust. you have already contributed so much to our creative community. the arts are so healing, and you have been healed by them and have so much to share. i, too, just keep adding people that "feel" like kindred spirits....and so far, so good! ;-) i don't want to keep knowing only the people i know . the world is too big for that!!!
from a post of FB from wiffledust.
well we're glad you found us, ruthie!!!


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