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how did you end up on wiffledust? steen brought this up as a topic...yay!

hey. steen posted a question asking everyone what brought them to wiffledust or how did they end up here. i'll start the first answer. well, i created it. but what really brought me to the whole concept was wanting to interact with art, particularly music in an intimate setting. i love seeing music up close and personal where you can see every expression on the artist's faces. up until then, i had usually seen music in either arenas or bars where everyone in the audience was truly obnoxious. ..but i love the idea of artists of all types sharing and inspiring each other. what about the rest of you?

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we KNOW that part, brandy. we were just wondering why they sent you to wiffledust as opposed news?? ;-)
FOX news? Why the hell would i go there..? and really.. would they take ME seriously? lol
hey they take HER seriously! so you never know about those foxes!!!
so now dearhearts, how ,why ,when did Lisa and Donna get this all going?
I retired from a major communications company last June and am now an aspiring novelist. My crazy, talented and loving step-dad, Rick Reiley steered me to the site. I'm quite new at this and still in navigation mode.
well any relation of rick's is certainly welcome here, diane. and i think it's so exciting that you're an aspiring novelist! i hope you'll share your writing here when you get comfy!!!
Dianne , goes to show that not all step-parents are "bad" and being one of the good,fun,crazy step-moms, I congrat Rick and myself for breaking the stereo-typed "wicked" step -mom/parent.......thanks for relating some of your step-dad's goodness.
i was brought here by another member being part of it.
on a "I Survived Catholic School" site, I was lamenting and crying over horrible memories that such school nuns inflicted on me and so many others,when a strong voice replied to me and acknowledged and confirmed my thoughts and feelings and that was Donna Stumpo... a toast to Donna and we "roasted" that site !!! Lisa/wiffledust is , for me, a wonderfully interesting collective and will grow by leaps and bounds, providing we all "invite" please and thank you all
Well it all started with a place called the Yoga Garden, whose then-director Georgette recommended a Christine Lavin concert sponsored by Wiffledust. After I attended the fantastic concert, I found Lisa's page on MySpace, then found this site.
well thank goodness for georgette! where is she now, by the way, paul? i wanted to get a hold of her the other day and i didn't know where to begin. do you know?
I haven't been to the Yoga Garden for a few months, and I mainly know Georgette from being on her mailing list. I would just suggest e-mailing the Yoga Garden:


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