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My last blog post was about one of the most memorable paranormal experiences I've had. The experience I'm sharing now happened in the same house, but it's totally different. The house has been known to have strange things happen. You could hear the front door open and close, and sometimes hear footsteps but no one was there. Or you could hear the trashcan lid open and close in the kitchen when the room was seemingly unoccupied. This story goes into a different realm, the realm of aliens.

One night my wife and I were asleep in the basement. The bedroom had one window that was just a couple of inches off of the ground outside, typical of most basement windows. A few feet away from the window there was a small hill. It only rose 6 feet or so, but it was enough to block the road that passed by the house. For some reason, my wife and I both woke up at the same time, around 4am as I recall. We looked over at the window, which was mostly blocked out by aluminum foil (a teenager's version of a curtain) and we could see the brightest, whitest light you could ever imagine. There was a very small gap at the edges of the window, less than 1/4 inch, but it was enough to let in a little light from outside.

Like I said, this was a different light. It was white, bright, and pure. It wasn't moving at all either. It couldn't have been a car, even the new halogen lights aren't that bright and there was the hill to block even a spotlight. I would have thought it could have been from a helicopter but even if it had been able to shine through the trees, it wasn't moving and was equally bright on top and bottom. We could not come up with a reasonable source for the light, or why it woke us up at the same time. It wasn't enough to light up the room, it was just coming in around the edges. We also both had a very odd feeling. I was tempted to pull back the foil to see what was out there, but something told me that wasn't the best idea.

This was the same room where I had the ghostly encounter from my last post, but I don't think this had anything to do with anything of this planet. I'd certainly be open to listening to other possibilities but I've thought about it often over the years and never could come up with anything that made sense.

I'll be adding more stories of everything from ghosts to fairies to Bigfoot. The stories that weren't personal encounters were from family members who I trust. They also tell the stories with a high degree of believability. They just don't have the acting skills to pull these off as BS.

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Comment by Jodie Ann Christiansen on May 15, 2010 at 11:02am
BARRY...tear down that foil on the window....I do not believe aliens come to harm us....I also had a similar experience and ,instead of fully and immediately investigating it, I just froze and stared at it.....fearful for the baby, my son, lying ,sleeping in the bed with me.....I will never forget was 25 yrs ago. thanks for sharing because not only was it interesting, but it also allowed me to semi-relate my experience to another person whom doesn't scoff at me, like most peeps. thank you and your wife
Comment by Rick Reiley on April 5, 2010 at 3:50am
Glad to read this post. I had a similar experience about 35 years ago in far northeastern Oklahoma.
My friend and I were sound asleep in separate beds in the upstairs room. Suddenly without warning the whole room was lit up like daylight-briefly- jolting both of us upright and wide awake. We window where we saw a light in the sky turning off and on - disappearing and reappearing in widely different places every few moments. No sounds at all. Then it was gone. Eerie and yet exciting. We heard later that the same thing was reported to authorities all over that part of the state that night. But no explanation was forthcoming.
Comment by Barry Parsons on April 5, 2010 at 1:16am
Some of it is just a feeling I think. First let me get into the reflected light theory. I don't know many things that could generate a light like that. A spotlight from a helicopter might be bright and white enough, but there were no surfaces around that would reflect it. Like I said, outside the window there was a hill and trees. There was a road to one side and the Mississippi River to the other side. Even a boat on the river wouldn't be able to aim its light directly at the window because of the barriers (hills and trees). In my opinion, the light source would have had to be just a few feet away from the window, no more than 10 feet. The fact that it didn't seem to be moving made me dismiss things like a helicopter, boat, car, etc. When a light moves you can see it, you'll see variations in it or shadows. This light was completely motionless. I also can't imagine why any of the sources I mentioned would have had a light trained on that window, even if they would have had an obstructed path to it. Maybe if there was a fugitive running from the police and he stopped right there, but there were no sounds outside and no reports of anything happening that night.

As far as why I think it was aliens, it just seems to be the only thing left. Are you familiar with Occam's razor? The simplest solution is usually the correct one. Nothing else seems to fit or make sense. All things considered, it seems to be the simplest solution too. We both woke up at the same time, had the odd feeling, and couldn't come up with any other reasonable explanation for the light source. I think previous personal experiences probably influenced that decision as well.
Comment by wiffledust on April 5, 2010 at 12:54am
so glad to have you post your extraordinary experiences, barry! so i don't want to sound skeptical, becaue i'm not. but how do you know it wasn't reflected light form somewhere? and why aliens vs something else? it's interesting that you and your wife both had an odd feeling. also interesting was that you've had more than one experience in the same room! hmmmm.....

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