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Thanksgiving Guests. (only people I've never met)

1. Uncle Georgie (whose memory I've been asked to preserve.) He was a musician. Gone by the end of WWII , he left a grieving fiance, and no children to remember him . My grandmother, (in the year before she died,) gave me his photo, and told me about his love for swing and hot jazz. She also made sure I knew where his grave is. When my parents passed, I had to clean out their house. There I found Georgie's WWII Jewish prayerbook, his paratrooper wings and another photo. I feel a connection to this man who I never met.

2. Squanto. Why not? he was a translator and man of peace.

3. Josephine Baker and her rainbow tribe., what an interesting person she seemed to be.

4. Sacajawea and her child. I always wanted to meet her, I'd love to make her comfortable and give her a really good meal.

5. Charles Dickens, because I really love his writing, and I think from his food descriptions, he'd enjoy the meal.

6. Martin Luther King, Jr. Because he's really important to me for his non violent philosophy and amazing leadership skills. Also, I'd love to cook for him and make him comfortable. He's been through a lot.

8. My great maternal great grandmother Jenny. I have a million questions for her that will never be answered.

9 . John Lennon. I'd also ask him to bring some of that famous fresh baked bread of his.

10. Julia Child. She could help out in the kitchen with me if she would want to, but mostly, I'd just really like to hear her stories first hand.

11. Caesar Chavez. United Farm workers Union president from the 60's and 70's who made me aware, through his actions, of the hardship suffered to bring us food.

12. Angelina Jolie and her tribe. I think everyone likes having a really pretty girl present. I think she'd have a lot in common with Josephine Baker and they'd have an interesting conversation. She could bring Brad Pitt if she wants. We would make room at the table.

13. John Steinbeck. Maybe he could make sense of it all.

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Comment by Brenda Siegelman on November 26, 2009 at 1:11pm
Thanks, I tried to pick some one for everyone to feel comfortable with. I figure my Great Grandmother would enjoy Dickens being there , too. I like the idea of all the kids from all the eras. We'd need a very big room.
Comment by wiffledust on November 25, 2009 at 6:40pm
oh, brenda! this is a fabulous list! caesar chavez, eh? now THAT's an evening to remember. i bet martin luther kind, jr. could make our hair raise with the stories he could tell "off the record"! julia child would be SUCH fun company...and she, too, would have fabulous stories. and we KNOW dickens can tell a story, don't we? steinbeck too. what a wonderful list...i would insist on brad pitt if only for the decor! ;-) this was great, thanks so much for posting it!!! happy thanksgiving!

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