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Dear Me at 18,


Here are some quotes and lyrics that you will find speak to your heart.

I am placing them here so that they are easier to find.

I can't stop the things that will happen to you, or the ones that have already happened, but I can promise you that things will get better the absolute minute you stop believing that you aren't worth very much.



"Make the most of your regrets; never smother your sorrow, but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh." 

Henry David Thoreau 



Sometimes you will feel as though you have it worse than any other person in the world could possibly have it. This is so not true and when you look around, which you must, you need to be helpful. This will actually benefit you more than anything else you could possibly do.


"...and remember to be kind, when the pain of another

will serve you to remind,

that there are those who feel themselves exiled

on whom the fortune never smiled

and upon whose life the heartache has been piled..."

Jackson Browne ~The Only Child~


For God's sake, you need to take all of your worrying down a notch. It will help if you surround yourself with people that you can count on for honesty and support. You can learn how to handle situations better and good friends can be so helpful. You will learn the ones to go to for advice and you will learn that there are some people that just don't give good advice and tend to stir the anxiety up even worse. (shhhh) Save those conversations for the ones who know you and know how you 'want' to deal with things.

"Let the disappointments pass 

Let the laughter fill your glass 

Let your illusions last until they shatter 

Whatever you might hope to find 

Among the thoughts that crowd your mind 

There won't be many that ever really matter "

Jackson Browne ~The Only Child~



So, you have a bad day now and then. Everyone does. Reach back to the memories and moments that have given you strength. Bring them forward to meet with your current insecurities and let them have at it. While they are duking it out...ride a bike, sing a song, cuddle your pooch or do something else worthwhile. It can't hurt!

"Don't let the uncertainty turn you around,

go on and make a joyful sound"

Jackson Browne ~For A Dancer~


Don't kill yourself over every mistake that you end up making and there will be many. Learn from them. If you feel the need to forgive someone for their mistakes, by all means do.  Just don't expect that everyone has it in their heart the desire to learn from theirs. You have a strong heart but there's no sense in putting it through the wringer because you feel guilty or unworthy. Every moment we have an opportunity to start over and live the life we know we should be living. 


Here is a quote about the kind of love that you should wait for:

"Hold out for what you know love can be"

Jackson Browne   ~Hold Out~



Don't ever settle 

Someday you will meet the person who loves you in the same way that you love them.

It will feel very comfortable and will be so good for your heart and your soul. 


So this last quote is fitting:

"And when you've found another soul

who sees into your own

take good care of each other"

Jackson Browne  ~The Only Child~


It will please you to know that you end up having a child, a son. A very cool kid from the get go and your relationship with him is an absolute joy. From the moment they place him in your arms, you feel the awe of his existence and light. I am pretty sure he knows how much you love him and he ends up being able to do many things that he feels are important to do and you are supportive. The arguments you will have with him will be more fun than painful and they will be important. Again with the worrying...don't. Just make sure that he knows that you love him unconditionally, take every opportunity to remind him of this, and everything will be just fine.

You will come across a lot of special people in your life. Don't be afraid to let them know how you feel about them. It's important because you don't like to think about missed opportunities. This would be one worry so easily resolved.


With love from your 51 year old self. attention to the nice guy you end up working with. His name is Gregg...pretty awesome IMHO :-)

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Comment by wiffledust on October 3, 2011 at 1:11am
so much wisdom here, katie! thank you so much, because while i'm sure your 18 year old you needed to hear this stuff very much, so do i! awesome you for taking this challenge! i hope you'll do more!!!

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